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Hello! I'm french, I'm studying web marketing at ESCEN (the web business school) in Bordeaux. I love to travel, meet new people. Sorry for my english, i'm still improving it everyday! If you find any mistake, send me a comment, i will be glad to correct it. I wish you a good visit on my blog.

How to prepare a Disney Trip.

Like every trip, a Disney weekend need an advenced preparation. Here what you need to have the most magical moment.

Plan in advenced.

Be sure to have check how to get there. Is it the bus, train or car, where will you park? Where do you buy the ticket? What is the schedual? Then what time the park open? What is the extra magic hours, are you elegible? Lastly, check the waither ! In Paris or in Florida, a rainny day can be very annoying if you don’t have what you need to be dry the whole day, just make sure to be ready against the sun, or the snow depending where you are.

Download the app.

Make sure to have download the app in advenced because you could save so much time. First of all it’s a huge help knowing all the waiting time of the rides and knowing all the park’s information you need. In US you can also manage your FastPass on it and book a table.

Define your key point

Fore sure, you should define in high light how your day will look like. Which park do you want to go to first, what ride is the most important to you, will you attend the parade and the night show? After you defined the key point you can add everything else.

Prepare food and enteirtainment.

We all know that going to Disney is a budget. To avoid having lot of extra expenses, I will highly recommand you to prepare sandwiche and snacks. Speacially since you will spending lot of time in line for the ride; you will save money and spare time ! Also, speaking about waiting.. Make sure to have two or three games to be able to make the line go faster. Few exemples : Cards games, app on the phone,… My favorite one is Heads Up by Ellen Degeneeres. It’s one of the best game to play anywhere with one or lot of people.

Focus on your priorities.

Is it to take photos? Do shopping? Chill around? Do a maximum rides? You need to define what is your priorities and organize your time around them. For instance if you want to do the maximum of attraction, then you should definetely avoid to spend 2hours eating at the restaurant.
How ever, if you really want to take your time and discover new thigs you should check the shows scheduale and plan your rides around them.

Fast Pass

DisneyWorld vs Disneyland Paris.
In the United States, as soon as you have your ticket you can booked your FastPass and you must ! Specially in rides like Frozen in Epcot that are super popular.
In France, it’s a little bit different, you need to go there to take a real ticket in front of the attraction, and you can book one only after you used the first one. So make sure think of the order you want to take them.


Don’t forget that Disney is one of the only place that you can feel like a child again, so don’t hesitate to wear your Minnie headband, to declare your love to the prince and to cry in front of Whishes.



Chicago – Rooftop Guide

The “wind city”, Chicago is a special city full of skyscraper. You must have seen featured in lot of movie, and TV-Show. What is the most magical about that place is the contrast between the river that cross all those buildings, and the beach that is lying at their bottom. During my time there, one of my favorite thing to do was to explore all the different rooftops. Here a selection of my favorite :

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Are you ready for some stamps on your digital passport ?

I’m proud to welcome you back on TRAVEL YOUNG. This website is a reflexion of the experience I had abroad for different opportunities.

What to expect?

How to travel on a budget
Where to stay
How to meet people in a different country
Secret spot of a big city
And many more travel tips & city guide.

Where are we going?

United Kingdom
United States

Can we communicate ?

This website is a platform for travel lovers, if you have any recommandation or want to submit an article feel free to contact me.


Chicago – Week end Bucket list

Chicago, the city of wind. I was able to get away to Chicago for a week end during the winter. First war you need to know is that going to Chicago during the winter or the summer will be a different experience. Me & my friends went in January and loved it, even though you need to be prepared for the cold. Here a list of some things you should definitely if you go there for a few days. Continue Reading

Montreal – Where to hang out during the weekends?

Looking for something to do during the week end? Here four things that you must try during your stay in Montreal!


It’s a beautiful Green space, the biggest park in Montreal. During the autumn you can fully enjoy the vibrant colors of the trees, such as beautiful shades of orange. You can spend your time walking around, jogging, or simply watching all the animations in the park. When you reach the top you have a beautiful view of montreal.
260 Remembrance Road, Montréal, QC H3H 1A2, Canada

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Montreal – Where to eat and drink ?

HOTSPOTS : Where to eat and drink in Montreal



Les foufounes electrique is a big bar where you can go and have a beer with all your friends. (Happy Hours, 2,5 dollars before 20:00.) There is a pool table, , foosball, in an electro/rock atmosphere , with a lot of tag graffiti (you must check the toilets btw! they are worth it) During the evening they open the 2sd floor and it becomes a nightclub for skateurs and punks.
87 Rue Sainte-Catherine Est, Montréal, QC H2X 1K5, Canada Continue Reading

How to become an Instagram Pro

There is few tips to make your Instagram looks amazing. First off all you need to know that Instagram, as every social media, changed a lot. You can’t use Instagram now like you used it before. Either is you use Instagram for professional reason, or for pleasure, here 3 keys points to grow your followers and you community’s engagement.

1. Be active.

To make your instagram good you should at least post a pictures twice a week. The more often is the best. Now that there is a huge community on snapchat people have lot of follower and your content won’t last a lot of time. So you need to always provide knew content. Being active means also; like & comment. If you expect your community to like your pictures you should like a lot. Use the tag that correspond you. Exemple for this blog : #Travels. But you can also use the popular tags such as #likes4likes. This is a tag where people like your pictures because they expect you to like them back. So if you likes their pictures they will likes yours (get it?) This tag is actually from an app that helps you to grow your likes of pictures.

2. Follow or unfollow.

You should definitely keep a good ratio between the people you follow and the people who are following you. For instance if you have 1000 followers try to follow only 300 people. Obviously when you start on Instagram it’s normal to have not lot of followers. This ratio is really important when you will have a good amont of followers, because has a company it shows that people follow you for you and not just because you follow them too. Few years ago you could follow as much people you wanted so. Now you can only follow 20 persons/per hour, and a maximum of 7000 persons. So choose wisely. You should definitely follow not more that 300 unread persons. How you’re suppose to check their content if you have to much people? If your a business, it’s interesting to follow the people you want to attract the attention to. Use your Instagram feed as a way to see what’s going on, what are the new trend.

3. Be yourself, but follow the rules.

Instagram now is being use by so many great people; everybody is own it ; photographer, rock stars, models. However is not because you only have 20 followers that your pictures can’t look as good as the others. There is some “code” that has been indirectly created that you need to do. First of all,  you need to have a good picture quality. Even if you’re taking with your smartphone, make sure to have a good image. have an harmony between all your pictures; is it in black and white? Always with white border? Only food pictures? You need to define what your Instagram will look like as a globally . Use also the correct hashtag, you can use the communs ones such as #love, #instamoment, but make sure to add the hashtag that are right for the picture.

4. The strategy on the filter.

You should definitely not use the Instagram filter. They have been to much seen, too many times. You can create your own effects with the settings on the app. Of you can use some very good apps such as vsco that makes your pictures will look amazing. Make sure to have a continuity between all you pictures.

5. Go further (for business*).

As I didn’t mention, you should definitely have your profile on Instagram completely complete (the bio description should explain clearly what can we expect on your gallery pictures). If you want to go further with Instagram account here some ideas; – you can create your own Hashtag that you will use to every pictures. – Organise a contest on your Instagram account to attract more followers. – Repost your community content (if it’s relative with your content) – reward your community with comments and likes.

Instagram is a hard social media to use, I could write pages on the subject. What you need to remember is “practice makes it better“. Don’t expect to have an incredible account in a week, you need to work on it every little day and follow this key point to have an Instagram that will look amazing !

If you want to know more about a good strategy on Instagram, leave a message !

How to get over the jet lag ?

First thing first, I want to tell you NO, you can’t ! Jet lag is something normal to have after spending weeks somewhere. However you can actually follow some tips to get over it faster..

You have to realise that jet lag is something on your body, but also on your mind. So in every situation it will be different. Let’s pick an exemple: if you’re going one week on vacation in New York, and you’re from France. You will feel the jet lag, but you will know that you only have one week to enjoy, so it won’t stop you for doing all the things you want to do.
Another exemple is: when you’re going home after a long time in a different country. In this case, you know that you will have all the time in front of you to get over it, so of course it will takes longer.

Few tips :

– Do not ever think that you won’t be jet lag, and you will wake up normally. This is a common mistakes that people do. They expect to be a little bit different than usually, but no on the first day they will sleep until 6pm, or they will wake up at 4am during the night.
– Fight it ! When you arrive do not run into your bed, wait a normal time (maybe 8pm if you’re really exhausted, and put an alarm at maximum 10am. You need to make your body understand that times is going to change.
– Go out ! Enjoy the sun, go for a walk, but don’t stay in your bed in the dark, even though you’re not sleeping. Your mind have to understand that is day light, and everybody is out. It will helps your unconscious.
– Stay off the internet. When you have to sleep, and you can’t sleep, staying hours on Facebook doesn’t help! You can’t pretend not be able to sleep if you don’t give a try. So stay away from TV, laptop, and all the screens. Take a book, it’s better and will help you relaxing and falling asleep.
– Be patient. They say, everyday you recover from one hour. So if you’ve been to San Francisco (like me) there is 9hours of times different. Then you need 9 days to be completely over it. If of course you don’t mess up! This time can also be quicker if you do a good job.

To resume, listen to your body and your mind, jet lag is a part of travelling, but remember it can be easy or difficult, it all depends on you.

Good luck !