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How to prepare a Disney Trip.

Like every trip, a Disney weekend need an advenced preparation. Here what you need to have the most magical moment.

Plan in advenced.

Be sure to have check how to get there. Is it the bus, train or car, where will you park? Where do you buy the ticket? What is the schedual? Then what time the park open? What is the extra magic hours, are you elegible? Lastly, check the waither ! In Paris or in Florida, a rainny day can be very annoying if you don’t have what you need to be dry the whole day, just make sure to be ready against the sun, or the snow depending where you are.

Download the app.

Make sure to have download the app in advenced because you could save so much time. First of all it’s a huge help knowing all the waiting time of the rides and knowing all the park’s information you need. In US you can also manage your FastPass on it and book a table.

Define your key point

Fore sure, you should define in high light how your day will look like. Which park do you want to go to first, what ride is the most important to you, will you attend the parade and the night show? After you defined the key point you can add everything else.

Prepare food and enteirtainment.

We all know that going to Disney is a budget. To avoid having lot of extra expenses, I will highly recommand you to prepare sandwiche and snacks. Speacially since you will spending lot of time in line for the ride; you will save money and spare time ! Also, speaking about waiting.. Make sure to have two or three games to be able to make the line go faster. Few exemples : Cards games, app on the phone,… My favorite one is Heads Up by Ellen Degeneeres. It’s one of the best game to play anywhere with one or lot of people.

Focus on your priorities.

Is it to take photos? Do shopping? Chill around? Do a maximum rides? You need to define what is your priorities and organize your time around them. For instance if you want to do the maximum of attraction, then you should definetely avoid to spend 2hours eating at the restaurant.
How ever, if you really want to take your time and discover new thigs you should check the shows scheduale and plan your rides around them.

Fast Pass

DisneyWorld vs Disneyland Paris.
In the United States, as soon as you have your ticket you can booked your FastPass and you must ! Specially in rides like Frozen in Epcot that are super popular.
In France, it’s a little bit different, you need to go there to take a real ticket in front of the attraction, and you can book one only after you used the first one. So make sure think of the order you want to take them.


Don’t forget that Disney is one of the only place that you can feel like a child again, so don’t hesitate to wear your Minnie headband, to declare your love to the prince and to cry in front of Whishes.