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How to get over the jet lag ?

First thing first, I want to tell you NO, you can’t ! Jet lag is something normal to have after spending weeks somewhere. However you can actually follow some tips to get over it faster..

You have to realise that jet lag is something on your body, but also on your mind. So in every situation it will be different. Let’s pick an exemple: if you’re going one week on vacation in New York, and you’re from France. You will feel the jet lag, but you will know that you only have one week to enjoy, so it won’t stop you for doing all the things you want to do.
Another exemple is: when you’re going home after a long time in a different country. In this case, you know that you will have all the time in front of you to get over it, so of course it will takes longer.

Few tips :

– Do not ever think that you won’t be jet lag, and you will wake up normally. This is a common mistakes that people do. They expect to be a little bit different than usually, but no on the first day they will sleep until 6pm, or they will wake up at 4am during the night.
– Fight it ! When you arrive do not run into your bed, wait a normal time (maybe 8pm if you’re really exhausted, and put an alarm at maximum 10am. You need to make your body understand that times is going to change.
– Go out ! Enjoy the sun, go for a walk, but don’t stay in your bed in the dark, even though you’re not sleeping. Your mind have to understand that is day light, and everybody is out. It will helps your unconscious.
– Stay off the internet. When you have to sleep, and you can’t sleep, staying hours on Facebook doesn’t help! You can’t pretend not be able to sleep if you don’t give a try. So stay away from TV, laptop, and all the screens. Take a book, it’s better and will help you relaxing and falling asleep.
– Be patient. They say, everyday you recover from one hour. So if you’ve been to San Francisco (like me) there is 9hours of times different. Then you need 9 days to be completely over it. If of course you don’t mess up! This time can also be quicker if you do a good job.

To resume, listen to your body and your mind, jet lag is a part of travelling, but remember it can be easy or difficult, it all depends on you.

Good luck !