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How to become an Instagram Pro

There is few tips to make your Instagram looks amazing. First off all you need to know that Instagram, as every social media, changed a lot. You can’t use Instagram now like you used it before. Either is you use Instagram for professional reason, or for pleasure, here 3 keys points to grow your followers and you community’s engagement.

1. Be active.

To make your instagram good you should at least post a pictures twice a week. The more often is the best. Now that there is a huge community on snapchat people have lot of follower and your content won’t last a lot of time. So you need to always provide knew content. Being active means also; like & comment. If you expect your community to like your pictures you should like a lot. Use the tag that correspond you. Exemple for this blog : #Travels. But you can also use the popular tags such as #likes4likes. This is a tag where people like your pictures because they expect you to like them back. So if you likes their pictures they will likes yours (get it?) This tag is actually from an app that helps you to grow your likes of pictures.

2. Follow or unfollow.

You should definitely keep a good ratio between the people you follow and the people who are following you. For instance if you have 1000 followers try to follow only 300 people. Obviously when you start on Instagram it’s normal to have not lot of followers. This ratio is really important when you will have a good amont of followers, because has a company it shows that people follow you for you and not just because you follow them too. Few years ago you could follow as much people you wanted so. Now you can only follow 20 persons/per hour, and a maximum of 7000 persons. So choose wisely. You should definitely follow not more that 300 unread persons. How you’re suppose to check their content if you have to much people? If your a business, it’s interesting to follow the people you want to attract the attention to. Use your Instagram feed as a way to see what’s going on, what are the new trend.

3. Be yourself, but follow the rules.

Instagram now is being use by so many great people; everybody is own it ; photographer, rock stars, models. However is not because you only have 20 followers that your pictures can’t look as good as the others. There is some “code” that has been indirectly created that you need to do. First of all,  you need to have a good picture quality. Even if you’re taking with your smartphone, make sure to have a good image. have an harmony between all your pictures; is it in black and white? Always with white border? Only food pictures? You need to define what your Instagram will look like as a globally . Use also the correct hashtag, you can use the communs ones such as #love, #instamoment, but make sure to add the hashtag that are right for the picture.

4. The strategy on the filter.

You should definitely not use the Instagram filter. They have been to much seen, too many times. You can create your own effects with the settings on the app. Of you can use some very good apps such as vsco that makes your pictures will look amazing. Make sure to have a continuity between all you pictures.

5. Go further (for business*).

As I didn’t mention, you should definitely have your profile on Instagram completely complete (the bio description should explain clearly what can we expect on your gallery pictures). If you want to go further with Instagram account here some ideas; – you can create your own Hashtag that you will use to every pictures. – Organise a contest on your Instagram account to attract more followers. – Repost your community content (if it’s relative with your content) – reward your community with comments and likes.

Instagram is a hard social media to use, I could write pages on the subject. What you need to remember is “practice makes it better“. Don’t expect to have an incredible account in a week, you need to work on it every little day and follow this key point to have an Instagram that will look amazing !

If you want to know more about a good strategy on Instagram, leave a message !