Chicago – Week end Bucket list

Chicago, the city of wind. I was able to get away to Chicago for a week end during the winter. First war you need to know is that going to Chicago during the winter or the summer will be a different experience. Me & my friends went in January and loved it, even though you need to be prepared for the cold. Here a list of some things you should definitely if you go there for a few days.

1. Eat THE pizza.

First thing first, you cannot go to Chicago without trying their typical pizza. The best place to is called “Giordanos”, they have few restaurant around the city where you can find this incredible pizza. Be aware that after few piece you will be way more full than with a regular pizza. Also be sure to arrive in advance because the wait at the restaurant is usually long.

2. Ice skating next to the bean

During Christmas, an Ice skating is built in front of the beans. Of course it’s not as big as the one in the Rockefeller Center, but it’s cute and have some music and a beautiful view of the beans and the park, it’s a lovely place to chill. You can rent your ice skate there.

3. Stay in a hotel next to the Chicago river.

The advantage to go during the winter is that most of the hotel will have cheaper price, I choose mine at the last minutes with and found a great deal at the River Hotel. The most important for me was to be in the city center, somewhere safe near from everything. I was lucky to be up grated to a room with a view and could enjoy the magnificent skyscraper of Michigan avenue.

5. Do a Rooftop tour.

This is definitely what i enjoyed the most about Chicago. There is so many place to go and have a breathtaking view. Few of the best place you can go for the perfect view will be the SkyDeck and the Chicago 360. But you also have a big quality of rooftop bar and restaurant that you can find to enjoy a drink with a view; e.g. : the Virgin Hotel.

6. Get lost in Art.

The art institute of Chicago has been chosen has the best art museum in the world (sorry frenchie, even your Louvres wasn’t as good). This museum is huge, and have lot of art from all the great time. So if you’re into classic, or modern, or abstract you will be in the right place. Make sure to have at least half of the day there, because you will get lost more than once !

PS. The Chicago City Pass

If you only have 2 or 3 days in the city, I will highly recommend you to take the Chicago City pass. It will give you access and fastpass to the most famous attraction in the city.
So are you ready to run away to Chicago ?

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