TOP 6 : Best things to do in San Francisco

At the beginning of the year I have been studying 2 months in San Francisco. I had an amazing time. Now I have lot of friends who just came there to do the same thing. I decided to write an article to recommend you all the great things to do there, that you may not know from a tourist’s book.

TOP 6 : Bonfire on the beach.

If you want to be sure to have an amazing moment with your friends I recommend a bonfire on the Ocean Beach. If you arrive early you can find a great spot for it. There is a special spot to make the fire. The tip is to arrive when a group left so you don’t have to start the fire ;). There is a grocery nearby where you can go by some food and drinks. Ocean Beach is quite far from the center, but if you take a Uber (or Lift) with lot of people it’s cheap. The rules are : no bonfire after (22pm) so make sure to leave before the police arrive (they will for sure) Also it’s forbidden to smoke and drink on the beach so play smart 😉

Top 5: Where to get a cheap beer/happy hour?

Castro is the best place to find bars during the day with very interesting price. There is a lot of them (with usually lot of animation even during the day)
A recommendation : Moby Dick, 4049 18th St, San Francisco, CA 94114

Top 4 : A Morning club !

San Francisco is now more than ever a very dynamic city. Recently they created those morning parties. What is it?
Simple, it’s like you’re going clubbing before going to work/school. It usually start at 6am, during a week day. You have some yoga class, and huge dance floor. People wear crazy outfit and party as the night never end. You can only drink coffee, tea and juices. The music is great, all the DJ’s have their own style. It’s really not a after-party, it’s about starting well your day. It finished around 9:30am and then you can start your real life. It’s a great experience, because it feels like you’re entering in another world. Those event happen once in a month. Check out their Facebook page:

Top 3 : Try an typical american brunch.

There of my favorite places are :
Crepe house : in the mission –> great for a brunch, a dessert, lot of choice of crepes and juices.. #NUTELLA
St Francis : in the mission –> typical american breakfast (eggs, bacon, omelet, even for vegetarian) the plus of the place is that all the waiter are Hipster ! You don’t believe me? Check it out 😉
And the best one.. Eddi’s caffe. This one is near from Alamo square. It’s the best breakfast in town, american style. It’s a Chinese family business, they are adorable. Very cheap ! And the small difference that makes everything is that they have every cup different for everybody. For exemple I always got “I’m such a princess” cup !
Eddies cafe : 800 Divisadero St, San Francisco, CA 94117, États-Unis
St Francis : 2801 24th St, San Francisco, CA 94110, États-Unis
Crepes House : 1755 Polk St, San Francisco, CA 94109

Top 2 : Get the highest view on a rooftop bar.

As I am a rooftop lovers, i’ve been trying all the great bar with a wonderful view.
Third position : Top of the mark
It’s located in the city center, on the top level of a luxury hotel. The views is great, (depending where you’re seating you can see the sun set). However the place is a little bit too old stylish, old tables old chairs, and not trendy decoration. The prices are very expensive.
Adress : Top of the Mark, InterContinental Mark Hopkins
Second position : El techo de Lolinda.
The best advantage of that place? It’s outside !! So you can actually feel the air of being on a rooftop. It’s quite cheap (around 4dollars for a beer, but you can actually go during happy hours) the music and lights are great. You can also eat there. The bar is in mission, so the view is a little less beautiful, but the sunset is still worth seing.
adress : El Techo de Lolinda, 2518 Mission St
First place : The View.
This is my favorite. It’s the bar of the Marriott’s hotel downtown. The view is amazing (specially the night). The place is really trendy, modern. You’re entering in a Gossip World. The drinks are expensive, (around 20dollars tips, taxes included) however their cocktail is delicious.
Adress : The View, 39, 780 Mission St

Top 1 : Celebrate with fishes.

Wanna do something very fun? Do aquarium party. Every thursday the Academie of Science organise a special evening. There is drinks and DJ’s inside the place. You can visit the biosphere and aquarium while you’re enjoying a good beer. It’s 21+ only. Be careful to buy your ticket in advanced if you want to check out the planetarium too. Also the biosphere is closing the first, so make you to start your tour with it. The Academie of Science is in the Golden Gate Park. It’s definitely worth the visit.

Let me know which one you tried, and HAVE FUN IN SF ! 🙂
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